A-1 Self Storage Company: Terry Caster is the owner. It is a family (third generation) run company. They have over 40 locations in California. The Californians Against Hate blog reports: “Mr. Caster and his family have contributed $693,000 to the Protect Marriage campaign. That makes the…

Bad Luck and Good Decisions

Our entire move went terribly. We woke up on the day of to a phone call from U-Haul telling us that instead of having us a truck ready at 11am, they wouldn’t have us one ready until 6 pm. So ok…we got a much later start then we thought we would, no big deal…right?!? Wrong. Our phone charger magically disappeared and both of our phones died and it is much harder to find your way in the dark and it is A LOT HARDER TO FIND AN OPEN GAS STATION IN THE MIDDLE OF RURAL ALABAMA IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. (Besides…do you know what would happen to us gays? We would never be seen again! Lol ;) Eventually we found our way to Pensacola to our realtor’s office to nab the key and the lease to our new “Dream Home” out of their mailbox (bc by now it was like…ummmm…4am), go unpack a air matress, and crash! Well this is the “Dream Home” she tried to get me to rent…mind you…she did do business with me completely over the phone but still…this?

I could go on but you get the picture. Needless to say at this point we were screwed…by this time was about 8am on Sunday morning, we hadn’t slept in 24 hours, we were both crying our eyes out, and in our state of hysteria the only thing I could think of to do was to call the The Go To Guru…My Dad!

(High School Graduation Pic…He’s such a looker!)

He told us what we already knew…but in our state couldn’t figure out for ourselves. Get a hotel room for the night, get up early Monday morning and get our money back, and find another place! So that is just what we did. And now we live in the cutest cottage! :) (pictures later)

But on that Sunday while things seemed at their lowest we needed a happy break…and our daughter had never seen the beach…so we decided what the hell. We left our U-Haul and animals at the hotel and put on our swimsuits and hit the water. It was a break of sunshine in a horribly dreary day.

So in the end everything worked out like it was supposed to.
This family is so blessed.

Hey Girl Hey!

Firsts thing firsts, introduction is in order…my name is Kat.

As of right this moment I am a stay at home mom (you’ll hear about things when that changes). I am so much more than just a mom though…I am obessed with hair and makeup (actually pretty much all things involved in the cosmetology realm), anything having to do with pin-up girls (1940’s are my fave…the YANK Girls), classic cars, music, movies, historic buildings…ect. You get the picture.

But what do I love most of all?

Meet My beautiful Wife E and the Princess.
They make my life…well…perfect. *sigh*

Ok ok…enough about that and on to the relocation part…at the beginning of this month I packed up my sweet little family and we moved to this amazing, magical place…

(So cute, right?!?)

Well Sweeties…that’s enough for the first blog!
Welcome to the family! Xx